We’re all Typical Arsehole Wankers

After a Twitter exchange when a Blackpool Fan has been labelled a “Typical Arsehole Wanker” by whomever runs the @CommercialBFC account, speculation over who runs the account is rife.


 During the conversation the author states they have supported the club for over forty years, this would rule out Sam or George as the author.

Until recently the account was run by John Woodman, which begs the question – does he still have access to the account?  If so, the perfect ready made excuse is in place and the club have their scapegoat.

At time of writing, the post had not been deleted.  The sense of dread that will be felt when the author wakes up, checks the drunken texts they sent and then views their obvious drunken rants over social media will be a sight to behold.

Edit :

And so the lies continued.  The club issued a statement denying any involvement with the account but mentioning that they have “had the account removed”, but then added the account “has not been utilised for promotional purposes… for some time”  and the account no longer exists on Twitter.

The Evening Gazette sports journalist Will Watt was quick to debunk the company statement.


The questions remain :

  • When the Commercial Manager left his post, would it not have been wise to change passwords on any social media accounts linked to the club that he may have had access to? and…
  • Why lie?

What we must remember though is that we’re talking about Blackpool Football Club Company here and such utter Typical Arsehole Wanker type behaviour and comments have become the norm.

Not A Fucking Penny More. #NAPM


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