Judgement Day Looms for Karl – Again

June the 9th marks the day Karl Oyston faces judgement again.  This time not being judged by the fans of the club who so famously judged him on the 2nd of May causing the abandonment of the final game of the season against Huddersfield.  Karl will be judged by an FA disciplinary panel, after finally admitting charges brought against him and failing in a challenge to the “legality” of those charges.

If the FA follow precedent, Karl could be banned from all football activity (not necessarily a bad thing, but who would take over as chairman?), heavily fined and also be ordered to undertake a mandatory education programme.

After the two seasons before the season just ended, Karl has stated that “We will learn from our mistakes”, so why would anybody believe that Karl will learn from his misdemeanours and see the error of his ways?

The chairman of Blackpool Football Company is now so entrenched in his opinions that nothing will change, and any attendance at a mandatory education programme would merely be the equivalent of a child writing out lines… “I must not call paying customers Fucktards”.

One can only hope the severity of the punishment issued by the FA reflects the contempt shown by the chairman of what was once a great football club and forces the family to rethink their custodianship of Blackpool FC instead of reinforcing the “siege mentality” that currently exists.


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