“My Dick’s Bigger Than Yours”

That’s not a statement I’ll ever make…  Unfortunately (at least not according to my ex-missus, anyway)!

Metaphorically speaking though, this is exactly what the Chairman and family in charge of Blackpool Football Club Company have said on three separate occasions.

Messrs Sharpe, Fielding and Knight can all bear testament to the reverse of the statement being true – metaphorically speaking again of course.

All three of the above mentioned gentlemen have settled out of court agreeing to pay damages totalling some £45,000 in respect of posts made on fans’ forums and social media.

A fund was set up to cover the costs of Frank Knight which raised over the £20,000 in a matter of days.

One other case is currently going through the courts involving a Mr Ragozzino but I’m reliably informed by the man himself that he has an admirably sized pair of balls.  I hasten to add that doesn’t mean the other three gentlemen already mentioned don’t possess amply sized testicles by the way.

When one is the son of a multi-millionaire, one probably discovers that one’s dick is bigger than many of your detractors – other than your wife’s – and makes the process of litigation and securing settlements for damages & defamation much easier than your average common or garden average sized bloke like you or I.

All fans of Blackpool have something to lose, some more so than others.  Some own property and are partners or outright owners of businesses in their own right, but how many of those people find themselves the son of a member of the Times Rich List or married to the heiress to the TVR fortune?

The problem when flashing one’s dick out in the open is that you never know when the temperature’s going to turn cold… The temperature of feeling for the Oyston family now is well below freezing and as such their manly genitalia should now be retreating back up to their abdomens much in the same way Sam & Karl retreated into the safety of their Presidential Suite on the second of May this year.


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