A Fans’ Parliament

What a tremendous idea by Blackpool Football Club to form a fans’ parliament.  

Parliament by definition is a “legislative body” and the word derives from the the French verb “Parler” meaning “to talk”.

BFC Announcement
If only this hadn’t been thought of already by somebody with the interest of the club at heart…

Karl had famously said he would only ever engage with Blackpool Supporters Association (BSA) following the formation of Seasiders Independent Supports Association (SISA) and latterly Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST). The relationship between the Karl & BSA appears to be dead in the water since the chairman of BSA openly criticised the running of the club.
Applications for the parliament are to be made to the club’s company’s “Supporter Liaison Officer” as shown in the screengrab :


Yet again Karl’s history of back-tracking and U-turns catches up on him – In October 2013 after a forum with BSA, Karl was questioned about the possible role of a Supporter Liaison Officer and answered :

“We haven’t got one, and we aren’t going to have one. We are old fashioned and if we have any problems we take the complaints directly and reply. That’s how we do things here, I distribute issues and problems to my staff who deal with them. I think it’s a stupid idea and it won’t be happening here.”

Obstinacy appears to be a trait of the “Oyston Psyche” so I can only assume he’s suffering severe memory loss or pondering what the best way forward is for the club.

Sorry to break this to you, Karl.  It’s too little too late – Parliaments are usually overthrown by revolutions and not formed whilst a dictator still remains in power.

The revolution is happening and will not be stopped.


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