Karl Oyston – English Football’s Biggest Dilemma.

Much has been said of the abandonment of Blackpool’s final game of the season against Huddersfield Town.  The Football League and Football Association find themselves in an unprecedented position.  There’s talk of a replay, but as Huddersfield manager Chris Powell has already stated his players are off on holiday tomorrow, that looks unlikely.  If the football authorities are going to follow precedent it’s highly likely that Huddersfield will be awarded a 3-0 victory which will move them up a place in the final league standings – ¬£50,000 better off but above all, finishing one place ahead of their West Yorkshire rivals Leeds United (much to the pleasure of my Huddesfield supporting pub landlord who has a bet on with a Leeds fan).

It’s already well-documented that this isn’t the only ongoing investigation into Blackpool Football Club, or more specifically the chairman.

For the last four months the FA & Football League have pondered how best to deal with Karl Oyston after he admitted sending text messages to a supporter branding him a “retard” and advising him to “enjoy his special needs day out”.  What is more galling in the exchange of messages were Karl’s words “You’re just a painter & decorator” and “you live for your three weeks in Orlando every year”.  I fully understand why the FA & Football League are focusing on his “retard” remarks, but as a person who works a thirty-seven and a half hour week to pay mortgage, bills and enjoy a standard of life, it was those comments which hit home the most to me and illustrate the contempt he shows for his paying customers.

How dare a mere tradesman who in all likelihood served an apprenticeship, works hard to provide for his family and look forward to a holiday engage in conversation with the son of a multi-millionaire!  Let’s not forget that this man has never had to worry about a bill in his life.  Born into a wealthy family – the legalities of marriage, divorce and re-marriage come easy.  

I have previously commented on the bankruptcy filed at Lancaster County Court which was later annulled prior to his marriage to TVR heiress Vicki Wheeler.

The Gazette called Saturday “Blackpool’s Darkest Day” – quite the contrary… Saturday was a day of brightness and new hope when Blackpool fans made their voice heard and raised awareness for their cause – the removal of the Oyston family from Blackpool Football Club.   All that now remains is for the Football League and FA to follow suit and bring an end to the curse of Oyston that hangs over Blackpool Football Club.


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