Karl Oyston’s Mysterious Resignation

In August 2010, just days after Blackpool Football Club had recorded an emphatic four nil win over Wigan on their return to the top flight of English football after an absence of 40 years, headlines were awash with the news Karl Oyston had  announced his resignation as chairman of the club.

At the time, Karl was widely cited as stating he was disillusioned with the way football at Premier League level and in general was being run : 

Karl Interview,

BBC : Oyston Resigns

Oyston, 43, has previously admitted to being disillusioned with player agents’ influence in the Premier League. 

He revealed earlier in August that he had told the club’s board that he would resign if they disagreed with his approach to the club’s return to the top flight.

The Independent.

“I expected the landscape to be different,” he said. “I expected the way people behaved to be different and I have been very disappointed in the way some agents have conducted themselves. My offer to step down is still there. I have told the board that, and I am very serious because I am not sure I have got the right approach for this division and the more I talk to other Premier League clubs the more I realise I am a lone voice. There was some accord with the things I said in the Championship but there does not appear to be any in this division.”

Other news sources regarding the resignation appear to have been removed from Google under recent European privacy laws.

What didn’t make any headlines at the time though, was the fact that on that same day in August 2010 Karl resigned from the board of fifteen other companies, all of whom are part of Oyston Group.
Director timeline :

What is less widely known is that in August 2010 Karl had filed for bankruptcy at Lancaster County Court.

Why would a man in charge of a business that was due to receive a windfall of approximately £90,000,000 file for bankruptcy?

Could all this be related to the fact that Karl had recently married an heiress to the TVR fortune and was in the process of an acrimonious settlement with the mother of his children?
The bankruptcy papers were soon withdrawn from Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service and Karl then carried on in his role as chairman of Blackpool Football Club Company and since then has overseen what can only be described as a spectacular fall from grace.   The team that were once people’s “second” team becoming a laughing stock in the process.


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