I am sorry to admit that yesterday evening, the 3rd of November, I posted a picture of Blackpool Football Club Company’s chairman, Karl Oyston on social media – namely Twitter – bearing the words “My old man’s a (convicted) rapist… He wears a rapist’s hat”.

For all avoidance of doubt, the link is attached here.

I apologise wholeheartedly to those whom may not fully understand what a convicted rapist wearing a hat looks like and therefore if anybody is wishing to seek clarification, they are welcome to acquaint themselves with the image below.


We’re all Typical Arsehole Wankers

After a Twitter exchange when a Blackpool Fan has been labelled a “Typical Arsehole Wanker” by whomever runs the @CommercialBFC account, speculation over who runs the account is rife.


 During the conversation the author states they have supported the club for over forty years, this would rule out Sam or George as the author.

Until recently the account was run by John Woodman, which begs the question – does he still have access to the account?  If so, the perfect ready made excuse is in place and the club have their scapegoat.

At time of writing, the post had not been deleted.  The sense of dread that will be felt when the author wakes up, checks the drunken texts they sent and then views their obvious drunken rants over social media will be a sight to behold.

Edit :

And so the lies continued.  The club issued a statement denying any involvement with the account but mentioning that they have “had the account removed”, but then added the account “has not been utilised for promotional purposes… for some time”  and the account no longer exists on Twitter.

The Evening Gazette sports journalist Will Watt was quick to debunk the company statement.


The questions remain :

  • When the Commercial Manager left his post, would it not have been wise to change passwords on any social media accounts linked to the club that he may have had access to? and…
  • Why lie?

What we must remember though is that we’re talking about Blackpool Football Club Company here and such utter Typical Arsehole Wanker type behaviour and comments have become the norm.

Not A Fucking Penny More. #NAPM


Judgement Day Looms for Karl – Again

June the 9th marks the day Karl Oyston faces judgement again.  This time not being judged by the fans of the club who so famously judged him on the 2nd of May causing the abandonment of the final game of the season against Huddersfield.  Karl will be judged by an FA disciplinary panel, after finally admitting charges brought against him and failing in a challenge to the “legality” of those charges.

If the FA follow precedent, Karl could be banned from all football activity (not necessarily a bad thing, but who would take over as chairman?), heavily fined and also be ordered to undertake a mandatory education programme.

After the two seasons before the season just ended, Karl has stated that “We will learn from our mistakes”, so why would anybody believe that Karl will learn from his misdemeanours and see the error of his ways?

The chairman of Blackpool Football Company is now so entrenched in his opinions that nothing will change, and any attendance at a mandatory education programme would merely be the equivalent of a child writing out lines… “I must not call paying customers Fucktards”.

One can only hope the severity of the punishment issued by the FA reflects the contempt shown by the chairman of what was once a great football club and forces the family to rethink their custodianship of Blackpool FC instead of reinforcing the “siege mentality” that currently exists.


“My Dick’s Bigger Than Yours”

That’s not a statement I’ll ever make…  Unfortunately (at least not according to my ex-missus, anyway)!

Metaphorically speaking though, this is exactly what the Chairman and family in charge of Blackpool Football Club Company have said on three separate occasions.

Messrs Sharpe, Fielding and Knight can all bear testament to the reverse of the statement being true – metaphorically speaking again of course.

All three of the above mentioned gentlemen have settled out of court agreeing to pay damages totalling some £45,000 in respect of posts made on fans’ forums and social media.

A fund was set up to cover the costs of Frank Knight which raised over the £20,000 in a matter of days.

One other case is currently going through the courts involving a Mr Ragozzino but I’m reliably informed by the man himself that he has an admirably sized pair of balls.  I hasten to add that doesn’t mean the other three gentlemen already mentioned don’t possess amply sized testicles by the way.

When one is the son of a multi-millionaire, one probably discovers that one’s dick is bigger than many of your detractors – other than your wife’s – and makes the process of litigation and securing settlements for damages & defamation much easier than your average common or garden average sized bloke like you or I.

All fans of Blackpool have something to lose, some more so than others.  Some own property and are partners or outright owners of businesses in their own right, but how many of those people find themselves the son of a member of the Times Rich List or married to the heiress to the TVR fortune?

The problem when flashing one’s dick out in the open is that you never know when the temperature’s going to turn cold… The temperature of feeling for the Oyston family now is well below freezing and as such their manly genitalia should now be retreating back up to their abdomens much in the same way Sam & Karl retreated into the safety of their Presidential Suite on the second of May this year.


Lessons Blackpool FC Should Learn – Part One

Things Will Change :

This mantra has been repeated each season since 2009/10.  In May 2009 our esteemed chairman stated :

Quote:“It will absolutely change the club forever if we go up. It can’t fail to”

Well yes, Karl – things did change.  A fanbase that could be built upon and secured for a generation or more came and went.  Every park or playing field in the town was awash with kids in Tangerine shirts – they can now be counted on one’s fingers.  

We got some sprinklers – by Christ, the first time I saw them in action I knew we’d hit the big time.  

The “Permatemp” East Stand was built – I remember even watching the webcam feed as it went up however it seems the seating and some of the restricted views leave a lot to be desired.


Slight Problem Sitting In Allocated Seat

I dare say this was an improvement on what was in situ on the East side of the ground prior to promotion to The Premier League – the old affectionately named “Gene Kelly” stand, so called due to opposition fans “Singin In The Rain”.


Be Careful What You Say :

Say the wrong thing and you’ll be sued or at the very least threatened with legal action and be made to post a grovelling apology on fans’ message boards and social media.  There have been three instances so far, all of which appear to comprise the same template with merely the names of the apologist and amounts to be paid changed to suit the individual involved.  Whilst individuals and apparently one national newspaper have been targeted in this approach, it is not yet certain whether or not the owning family or their companies have taken any action against Channel 4 for their damning indictment by a forensic accountant.  At least one other case is currently going through court at this stage with an as yet unknown date for hearing – unless Mr Ragozzino can put me right on that score.

On the flip-side of this point is the fact the chairman’s son has made his own grovelling apology after questioning the integrity of an employee of a local casino and accusing him of leaving his position due to having “sticky fingers” – as my old nan used to say, “The apple never falls far from the tree” – which brings us nicely to my next point…

Text Messages Are Bad, MmmKaaay :

When engaging one’s paying customers always be careful on how you address them.   I have found that in general customers react angrily when being referred to as “Retards” and being advised to “Enjoy your special needs day out”.  Referring to any working person as “Just a (insert occupation here).  Enjoy your three weeks in Orlando” shows a level of contempt and implies their thoughts or feelings are irrelevant – after all, why on earth would any person who invests hard-earned cash and time be entitled to have an opinion on how the football club they support is run and what sort of peasant would have to save for a holiday in Orlando?  Certainly not the sort of peasant that the son of a multi-millionaire should have to lower themself to (Karl’s words in his Apology) and engage in any sort of meaningful conversation or debate with!

It is widely believed that Blackpool’s main sponsor- Wonga – whose deal was up for renewal, decided the deal would not be renewed after the Textgate story broke…  A payday loan company not wishing to be associated with the football club shows just how, for want of a better word, shabby Blackpool FC’s reputation now is.

Replace Like For Like :

In May 2014 the club announced the departure of long-standing secretary Matt Williams to Shrewsbury.  Williams had performed with distinction in his role and was viewed by many as the glue holding the administrative side of the club together and would often sit with fans at away games.

As a replacement for Williams the club announced the appointment of Chris Hough as club secretary effective from the day after Williams’ departure.

Hough had been made redundant from his previous post as club secretary at Crawley and in all fairness may have found the prospect of taking up a similar role at a Championship club a daunting one.  

A total of twelve signings were made in the fortnight prior to the opening league game of the season at Nottingham Forest, and after Blackpool were roundly beaten, it emerged that players had not been registered in time for the game and manager José Riga could only name four substitutes – two of whom were youth team scholars.

Hough did little to enhance his reputation when commenting on singer Rita Ora on a social media profile left open for public view insinuating that he would like her to perform a sex act upon him :

Lee Clark stated in a well publicised Interview,

“Once I was in the door, it was tougher than I had seen looking in. 

“A lot of little things that would normally make a club run smoothly made things very, very tough for us. We lost a kit man and he wasn’t replaced. There were issues with player registrations, travel, accommodation. 

“It is just about getting things done in a proper manner.

Perhaps Mr Hough wasn’t best suited to the job of kit-man, but for whatever reason, whether it be penny-pinching by those in charge of the money, or the inability to employ a suitable individual, such roles at a football club playing in the second tier of English football should never be performed by the club secretary.


To conclude,  I suggest that Blackpool did change in that glorious summer of 2009 but not for the better.   

Legal action against fans is only going to ever drive a deeper wedge between ownership and fans – any thought or possibility of reconciliation has long since gone.

Insult your paying customers at your peril – as Valeri Belokon stated “be careful when you spit on them, they will spit back and there are more of them”.

When employing a monkey – ensure the monkey is up to the job in the circus and don’t have him performing the job of ring-master.  You had a ring-master who fucked off and even took ticket office staff with him to a better run circus.


A Fans’ Parliament

What a tremendous idea by Blackpool Football Club to form a fans’ parliament.  

Parliament by definition is a “legislative body” and the word derives from the the French verb “Parler” meaning “to talk”.

BFC Announcement
If only this hadn’t been thought of already by somebody with the interest of the club at heart…

Karl had famously said he would only ever engage with Blackpool Supporters Association (BSA) following the formation of Seasiders Independent Supports Association (SISA) and latterly Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST). The relationship between the Karl & BSA appears to be dead in the water since the chairman of BSA openly criticised the running of the club.
Applications for the parliament are to be made to the club’s company’s “Supporter Liaison Officer” as shown in the screengrab :


Yet again Karl’s history of back-tracking and U-turns catches up on him – In October 2013 after a forum with BSA, Karl was questioned about the possible role of a Supporter Liaison Officer and answered :

“We haven’t got one, and we aren’t going to have one. We are old fashioned and if we have any problems we take the complaints directly and reply. That’s how we do things here, I distribute issues and problems to my staff who deal with them. I think it’s a stupid idea and it won’t be happening here.”

Obstinacy appears to be a trait of the “Oyston Psyche” so I can only assume he’s suffering severe memory loss or pondering what the best way forward is for the club.

Sorry to break this to you, Karl.  It’s too little too late – Parliaments are usually overthrown by revolutions and not formed whilst a dictator still remains in power.

The revolution is happening and will not be stopped.


Sam Oyston apologises to Pool Fan – My thoughts.

As the circus that is Blackpool Football Club gears up for a full closed season of preparation for life in League One, news emerged today that Samuel, son of chairman Karl has apologised to a fan and paid £20,000 in damages and legal costs.

Blackpool Gazette link
After much thought and careful consideration, here are my thoughts.


That’s all I can muster at this stage.